Smart Real Estate Owners and Managers

Are you seeking innovative ways to increase your Net Operating Income?

Would you like to modernize your operations and execute on the savings potential of the latest technology in HVAC, Lighting, hot water heating, and water conservation?

Would you like to have the most updated mechanical and lighting systems available?

Does your staff or vendors spend a lot of their time and your money on replacing older lighting elements?

If you own or manage commercial real estate there is NOI waiting to be taken back. Stop sending your NOI out through your meters to the utility companies!

Our company principals have over 40 years of experience in commercial real estate ownership, management, renovation, brokerage, and representation. We have been increasing NOI through energy efficiency for over a decade for ourselves and our consulting customers. We are ready to help you.

That's the Smart Way....The Smart City Infrastructure Way.

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Typical Real Estate Clients Include

  • Condominium owner groups and HOAs
  • Multi-family owners (for common area improvements)
  • Multi-tenant lessees with long term leases
  • Parking garage owners
  • Single tenant lessees with long term leases